The future of business is Digital, and to succeed in this new reality, we need a new way of thinking – a different business strategy and a new set of skills combined with timeless principles of effectiveness. 

Technology has changed the way customers think, the way they behave, and what their expectations are about their interaction with any organization. If they want to do a business with us, they want to do it on their terms, now. 

And just as important, our employees' expectations about the work environment and what success means has changed as well, because they also live in this new reality. Today, we all think and behave differently than we did 5-10 years ago. 

In the Digital Age, if we’re serious about building a sustainable business and staying competitive, we not only need to understand the new rules of the game, but we must also become more effective personally and as a leader. 

How i can help

I enjoy working with entrepreneurs and senior executives around the world to provide strategic guidance and specific implementation roadmap for:

  • Digital Strategy & Transformation of Offline Businesses

  • Effective Leadership: How to Set Goals, Lead and Get Results

  • Competitive Business Strategy for the Digital Future

  • Creating 1st Class Customer Experience in the Digital Age

  • Increasing Individual, Team and Business Performance

Let’s talk, so you can take the next step in your journey of transformation now. It takes time, but a year from now, you will be glad you started this next step when you did. I am here to help.

Why me?

World-class strategies for the success in the Digital Age

These proven strategies derive from my personal experience of helping to build multi-million dollar businesses, and equipping others to do the same.

Unique experience in different markets and industries

My almost 20 years of leadership and consulting experience in Russia, Europe and the USA, in Internet, Retail, Financial & other sectors (both B2B & B2C) will equip you with unique blend of strategies that work.

Leadership experience in startups and corporations

Being an entrepreneur and former top executive, I understand first-hand the challenges of both worlds, and therefore can help both types of business from my own failures and successes.

some happy clients

What others are saying

Andrey is a highly effective personal and professional mentor to my team and our startups. His expertise in the strategic digital transformation brings particular value to those disrupting legacy enterprise systems, and he has an uncanny ability to connect with and understand people: his insights into teams and how we can help them have proved invaluable.

Calum Cameron, Managing Director, Startup Wise Guys

Having seen many leading mentors, trainers and coaches from all over the world, Andrey has been one of the most valuable trainers. I am amazed of his tremendous energy and presence, as he had to coach tens of companies throughout the day and facilitate an intensive workshop to a larger crowd in the evening. He really gets to the core of the problem quickly and due to his extensive experience and background in digital space can give applicable and exact suggestions how to solve the problem. It was not only the motivation that Andrey brought with him, but really practical and detailed steps each one can follow to achieve great results.

Andrei­-Andy Linnas, ex-Incubator Manager, Tehnopol Startup Incubator

Our business school invited Andrey as a guest speaker to deliver tailor-made workshops for students of MBA and other executive programs. The topics were dedicated to starting up and growing a business in the digital space. Andrey's impeccable reputation in that area at the time of our decision to host his expertise and charisma was widespread across the business community, so we expected a good feedback from our students. However, Andrey performed far beyond our expectations. His experience, knowledge and passion combined in a powerful practice-rooted educational message, not only sparked a creative thinking in the audience's minds, but also promoted some effective managerial decisions.

Fedor Ragin, Vice Rector, International Management Institute of St.Petersburg (IMISP)