"You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win." - Zig Ziglar

The world around us is changing so fast, due to globalization and the advancement of technology, that if we want to stay competitive as a person, or as a leader, or as a business, we need to be constantly acquiring new strategies and tools. But what is even more important – we need to understand and implement fundamental principles of long-term success in life and business, not only for the Digital Age, but beyond that. 

My many years as an entrepreneur and top executive in various parts of the world, helping to build multi-million dollar businesses, combined with my personal life experiences, make me uniquely qualified to provide you with valuable knowledge, ideas, and practical tools that can make an immediate difference in your life and business.

I frequently speak at various conferences, start-up and corporate events, and lead internal and public workshops around the world on these topics:

LEAdership and strategy

  • Leadership in the Digital Age
  • Power of Focus and Simplicity
  • The Future of Business is Digital: Transform or Die
  • How to Win Clients and Expand Markets in the Digital Age
  • Creating 1st Class Customer Experience in the Digital Age
  • My Entrepreneur's Journey: Lessons From Failures


  • How To Set Goals, Focus and Achieve Outstanding Results in Life and Business
  • Effective Time Management for Long-term Success in Life and Business
  • Building The Best You: Keys to Success in Life
  • Sharpening Your People Skills to Build Winning Relationships
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Why me?

Energy and inspiration to take action

I appeal to both the heart and the mind when I speak on a specific topic, because I truly want others to succeed in all areas of life. I've experienced ups and downs in life and business, and I share my struggles and successes. If I can do it, others can too.

World-class strategies for the success in the Digital Age

These proven strategies derive from my personal experience of reaching my dreams and goals in life, helping to build multi-million dollar businesses, and equipping others to do the same.

Unique experience in different markets and industries

My almost 20 years of leadership and consulting experience in Russia, Europe and the USA, in Internet, Retail, Financial & other sectors (both B2B & B2C) will equip you with unique blend of strategies that work. Both in personal and professional life.

Highly practical and easy-to-implement tools

I like simplicity and results. That’s why I simplify the complex and provide personally tested tools that boost results and that are easy to implement.

some happy clients

what others are saying

Our business school invited Andrey as a guest speaker to deliver tailor-made workshops for students of MBA and other executive programs. The topics were dedicated to starting up and growing a business in the digital space. Andrey's impeccable reputation in that area at the time of our decision to host his expertise and charisma was widespread across the business community, so we expected a good feedback from our students. However, Andrey performed far beyond our expectations. His experience, knowledge and passion combined in a powerful practice-rooted educational message, not only sparked a creative thinking in the audience's minds, but also promoted some effective managerial decisions. Fedor Ragin, Vice Rector, International Management Institute of St.Petersburg (IMISP)

I wholly recommend Andrey for your speaking needs. Andrey provides succinct information coupled with easy to understand application. He does this in a way that you grasp the information quickly and fully understand how to apply it for maximum usage. Andrey brings integrity and trust in his work and has a servant’s heart which means he is there to help and support you in your life and business. I cannot say enough great things about this amazing man. Mark Turner, Mayor of Wills Point, TX and Principle Founder of Marked4Excellence

Andrey is a passionate teacher. He really cares about people and wants them to learn to use their time well and excel in their lives. When he teaches he is personable, interesting and likes to interact with people. Because I have known Andrey for many years I can say that he is a life­-long learner and a deep thinker. Andrey does not tolerate midiocracy and wants to excel and do the best that he possibly can do. Andrey applies what he teaches and openly desires to serve others with his gifts, experience and wisdom. Renata Ramanauskaite, National Leader, Agape Lithuania

I had the privilege of hearing Andrey speak and his messages have impact and are delivered with hope. He is indeed a messenger who will inspire others around the world. Mike Rodriguez, Professional Speaker, Author, Ziglar.Inc